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I just had to share this wonderful image.

Yesterday, the sun shone here in Tipperary, and so we sat outside for a late breakfast.  As we did so I spotted our neighbour’s son walk through the field of cattle.  This young man must be now about 18 or 19 years old.  I’ve watched him walk the fields with his Grandad since we moved here.

I’m not going to name him, but any locals/neighbours reading will easily identify him.

Beautiful cows

Beautiful cows

He had no idea he was being watched as he walked through the cattle, stopping rubbing, patting or half hugging each animal.  He was so peaceful and calm as he walked among them, as were the animals, they never stirred, just waited their turn for a pat or a hug.

No I didn’t take photographs or a video – that I thought would have been so intrusive.  He was so at peace and at one with the animals.

If there are other young men like this guy going into farming, Irish farming, the land and animals are in good hands.

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