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Yeltsin (RIP)

You may have noticed that we have a tendency here to name our roosters after presidents!  Our roosters have been rather handsome guys so so far we’ve had – Obama, his son – Nelson (as in Mandela), and our last guy was, Yeltsin.  Yes, I said ‘was’.



Yeltsin was born here.  Went and lived for a year in Galway with his sister, and returned here just last October.

He settle right back in and was quite popular with all the ladies in his domain.

However, on a dull horrible wet afternoon last week, he disappeared.  I can only assume that the fox got him.  As it was such a wet afternoon the two dogs were indoors.  I do tend to leave the dogs out around dusk – just to offer some protection to the birds.

I have to admit I was disgusted.  It was all made worse by the fact that he had been born here… we’ve only ever had 3 chicks hatch, so I’d have liked him to be around for a while.

I know the fox has a place in the whole eco system, but please leave my hens and rooster alone.

I have some nice photos of him, so he shall not be forgotten.

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