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As I am recently unemployed and need to get out there and start searching for business I attended the Offaly Network of Entrepreneurs meeting in Tullamore last night.  This time last year I was Network Manager for the ONE network… so it was different to be at the other side of the table so to speak.  It was also great to meet up with some of the old crew of members and catch up with how this recession is treating them.  While business has slowed down for most, they are all still quite optimistic about hanging in there which is wonderful to hear.  Go for it guys!  It gives those of us who are thinking of starting out on their own heart!

At present I am looking at various options… busy sending out cv’s to all and sundry.  Also considering the idea of setting myself up as a Virtual Assistant, i.e. for those of you who know me of old – revisiting Malahide Secretarial Services.  And boy, is that a journey back in time.  For those who don’t know me that long – my first every journey into self- employment was back in the ’80’s (and yes, that was a recession time too!) when I opened Malahide Secretarial Services doing admin/secretarial jobs for all and sundry.

Well now might be the time to revisit that concept, as companies are loath to take on staff and make all the commitments that that entails (wages, holiday/sick pay, etc.). Now they can employ me to take on a particular project or do the routine stuff that keeps the business owner from building the business.  As that old saying goes ‘no job too big, or too small’.  I can work on projects from home, or it may be more beneficial to work on site.  Contact me!

Besides that of course there is also the free-range pig and pork business.  So in view of attending last night’s meeting which was on the subject of Social Media (delivered by Johnny Beirne), I have spent today trying to put into practice what was learned last night… let’s see how successful I have been at it.  I have signed up to IgoPeople, tweeted (is this a verb now?) and even put a link to this blog on Facebook!  Quite a productive day all told!  Should I now go and put this on Twitter too!  Will do and then must go feed cat – who is now sitting right in front of computer screen… reckon she’s trying to tell me something????

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