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Where does time go?

I have not had a chance to write in absolutely ages… I had thought about writing something inspiring about the New Year, new beginnings, new resolutions and all that, but to be honest I haven’t even had time to consider that!

So where does my time go?

Sometimes I just don’t know.

I know friends from our past life in Dublin think that here in the country we have all the time in the world and spend lots of time sitting about doing nothing!

Let me tell you nothing could be further from the truth!

Here’s how the past 2 days have gone…

Saturday – OK I was up late, but it was Saturday and I thought I should have a lie in! I was up at 8 to let dogs out, but went back to bed for ’10 minutes’ and woke at 10!

Then it was up, out, feed and water hens, ducks and last remaining 3 turkeys.  Back in for breakfast.

Just finish that when a neighbour calls, on with the kettle and tea and chat.  He leaves and another neighbour phones looking for assistance – so Farmer Alfie goes off to help. Meanwhile I start taking down Christmas trees. An hour or so later, and it was too late to head to Nenagh to do some shopping, so it was a quick change and off to the Church to take down Christmas decorations there.

Then go feed pigs, on into Portumna to do some grocery shopping.  Back home – do the feeding round again.  Rescue and nurse a rather sad looking hen (she didn’t make it through the night).  Feed the indoor animals – 2 cats and 2 dogs.  Start prepping our own dinner.  Get a phone call from a friend needing a bed for the night – go make up bed and a quick tidy up.

Sunday …. up at 07.55 – let dogs out, prepare breakfast, do the feeding round.  Finish taking down Christmas decorations.  Pack them away.  Clean and tidy.  Have a quick cup of tea and start baking for going visiting tonight (tried a new recipe which looks really nice – will report later).  Do the feeding round….

And all these different activities invariably entail a change of clothes or two!  There are days when I could end up changing 3 or 4 times.  And, yes, there were a couple of washes went on too during the past couple of days!

And now I am writing up my blog.

Do you think I could slip quietly into bed for an hour before heading out at 7.30? Please? Pretty please?

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