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You have no idea how difficult it can be to get away together.  We can go away for a few hours, or head off on an overnight separately, but the idea of going away on an overnight or a weekend?  Well let’s say it is very very rare.

In fact the last time we were away together for more than a few hours was September 2015!

The excitement when we were invited to go visit our friend, Maggie, in her new home in Wexford.  AND more importantly our friend here said I’ve time off work, I’ll come look after the animals!  Maggie had told us to bring the dogs…. she may have regretted that invitation!

Can you picture the car?  Boot had 2 dogs in it.  Back seat our luggage and a rooster in a box who was moving to Wexford.  It was an interesting journey to say the least… we had to stop many times for ‘wee wees’ – the dogs, not us!!

We packed a lot into our 48 hours away, which just goes to show just what you can do on a mini-break.

We arrived in Wexford at about 3 pm, quick bite of lunch and then off to Duncannon Beach for a long run (the dogs) and walk (the humans). Having left rain behind us, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, although bitterly cold.

Next day we took the ferry from Ballyhack across to Waterford…it is only about a 3 minute crossing, but even so I HATE ferries!

Ballyhack Ferry Crossing

Parked up in Waterford City, and of course, it started to rain.  Not that we needed an excuse but this give us one to visit the most amazing bookshop – The Book Centre.  We could have spent the entire day there (four floors of books!), but we didn’t.  We each purchased a book and moved on.  Next stop was Waterford Crystal.  They’re showrooms are amazing, and we were lucky to find a replacement glass for a very old set we have here.  Stopped off for some lunch, and a visit to Ardkeen Grocery Store, before heading back to base.  Rounded the daylight hours off with another long walk with the dogs.

Lots of delicious food from Ardkeen Grocery Store

Next morning we were heading back home, so went for a walk on Hook Head – oldest working lighthouse in the world – before hitting the road.

Hook Lighthouse

When planning the trip I noticed that we were going to be passing close to Jerpoint Park en route.

Jerpoint Park

I’ve wanted to go there ever since I read that Santa Claus is buried there….. yes, you read that right….. Santa Claus is buried in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.

Santa Claus’ Grave

I had had a few chats on twitter with Maeve who had kindly invited me to come visit, even though it was out of season.  I know Alfie was only ‘humouring’ me with this stop on the way home.  You know the ‘yeah, yeah’ thing you get?  Well, let me tell you after 2.5 hours wandering the grounds with Joe as our guide, Alfie was completely blown away and is still talking about it.  We will definitely have to go back there.

As you can tell we packed a lot into our 48 hour holiday!  And there was so much more we could have done too.  This is why I always suggest to guests when planning your trip, always opt for 2 night stays in any location, so that you have time to explore the area where you are staying.


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Friday Photo

Some of the delicious goodies we brought back from a visit to Ardkeen Grocers in Waterford…. am jealous of you if you live close enough to get there regularly.


Ardkeen Grocery Store


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Yesterday, we got our deliveries done early and then took time out to go and see the Tall Ships in Waterford.  And it was a beautiful day for it too!

Although the sky was cloudy it was warm and dry!

Crowds on the Quays

Well done to the organisers of the event – everything was so well thought out.  As we arrived on the outskirts of Waterford City we were directed to a Park & Ride venue.  €10 for the car – there were just the two of us, but it didn’t matter how many people were in the car.  Then there were lots of buses to ferry you into town – and the charge included the programme of events!  Now that was good value.

Even at 11 am there were lots of people about. (Was this because people are on holiday, or am I being cynical by thinking that it is because so many people are out of work?)

We had left home early so first stop was to find breakfast!  There was a huge array of food providers on both sides of the quays. We started at the city side, and eventually opted for an organic sausage in a local ‘bla’ from the Savage Sausage Company.

It was a good decision. I know some will think we’re crazy… going to Waterford and eating sausage… when we can have our own any day!  But hey, we like to support our competitors too and especially those who are doing things the right way!  Call it Market Research!

Organic Sausage in Waterford Bla

While we ate ‘breakfast’ we sat and watched the world go by, while also looking at some of the other stalls and what they had to offer.  There was some other good stuff about, but there was also some horrendous stuff!  I think we have maybe become a little paranoid about how, where and what way our food is prepared – but the labelling and ‘wording’ used to describe some products is just so deceiving!  I know the marketeers would probably say it is all about perception… but deception just isn’t right!

Tall Ship

We walked all along the quays and admired all the boats, big and small. We even spotted this one – which has now been handed over in trust to the Whale & Dolphin Society!

Celtic Mist

As we were going to have to carry stuff with us for the afternoon we resisted temptation at the Ardkeen Marquee and only bought a couple of bits – some of Barron’s Spelt Bread and some spices from Green Saffron.  We also found a lovely creamy cheddar from Co. Limerick!

Cheese, spice and bread

In the afternoon we wandered back to the other side of the quays where the really big boats were!

Tall Ships

Gleaming brass gangtry

More tall ships

Tall Ships

Columbian Flag

And then of course there was the ‘fun’ fair.  I can’t see what’s fun about this!

Yes, they are hanging upside down!!!!!!!

Our final stop, before hopping onto the bus back to the car was at The Organic Kitchen for one of Orla and Sean’s burgers and a cuppa!  Well worth the stop… and what great value (€6.00 for all that organic goodness!).

Clanwood Organic Burger

We don’t do ‘Fast Food’ but both these treats were worth the money!

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