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Very Inspiring Blog Award

Gosh, I was chuffed that someone should think my ramblings are inspiring!  Thank you to Redhenrun for nominating me as one of her inspiring bloggers.  I am actually quite humbled.

This nomination was bestowed on me in June and it has taken me until now to get around to acknowledging it, and fulfilling my end of the bargain!  There are the ‘terms and conditions’ to this award so I’d better make sure I adhere to them!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The conditions include posting the badge, acknowledging who bestowed the award and the other three conditions of receiving the award are:

  1. List 15 bloggers who I conisder to be inspiring
  2. Tell them all that they have been nominated
  3. AND list 7 things about me that folks out there may not know.

Now you see why I’ve dithered and procrastinated for so long!!!!

The lists have been chopped and changed so many times.  How can I possibly just pick 15 inspiring bloggers?  You are all inspiring.

And then there is the question of 7 things about me…. do you want to know?  Do I want to tell you?  Can these things not remain a top secret?

Before I go any further, please do not be hurt or offended if you are not on the list of 15…. it isn’t that you didn’t deserve it, it is more that there probably wasn’t room.  There are so many blogs I read (I hardly have time to read books or magazines anymore!).

I thought I’d hit you with some blogs that I’ve come across in the past year, they come from all corners of the planet, and write about different things.  Some are new to blogging, some are just new to me.  I hope you will go and check them out and maybe even think about following them too.  So here’s my list – in no particular order – just as I think of them

Foodie inspirations:

  • The Solitary Cook – Cynthia has introduced us to quinoa…. and we are in love for sure!  We may live on opposite sides of the Atlantic but I am sure some day we will get to meet.
  • Salt Pepper & a Dollop of Cream – I am relatively new to Paula’s blog, but I love her idea of working her way through her cookbooks – that has been a mantra of mine on a regular basis!  And to boot I just won Richard Bertinet’s book, Crust, on a competition on Paula’s blog – what’s not to love!  Thank you Paula

Ireland blogs:

  • Isle Magazine – have you seen what a beautiful magazine Lisa is producing?  Talk about showcasing Ireland to the world – now that is truly inspirational.  You should go visit her blog and sign up to receive the magazine.
  • Irish Fireside – another blog that is showing Ireland to the world – and is showcasing different aspects of Ireland – away from the usual and taking the visitor on an ‘inspirational’ tour of Ireland.

Photographic blogs (this was a difficult choice):

  • From the Darkroom – for her sheer joy and energy, Daili, takes photos of everything – mundane and quirky and is learning all the time.  Bear with her on her English…. she is getting better!
  • As seen by C – I wish I had Colette’s patience to take some of those nature shots!

Just a general mix of fine blogs:

  • Tales from a Teapot – check out this blog for inspirational up-cycling ideas…. oh to have the time again to indulge in crafts.
  • Sile Looks Up – for beautiful visions of Connemara or sky views of New York.
  • From a Country Cottage – don’t you just love Bridget’s by-line?  TRYING TO LIVE AS LIGHTLY AS POSSIBLE ON OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET – we should all take inspiration from that sentiment.
  • Small Farm Future – life on a small holding in Wales which also incorporates a training centre.  I guess in truth we’d love to aspire to all of this 🙂
  • Tails from Provence – well, how could I not tell you about this blog?  My blog is named after A Year in Provence, so while I dream about living the Peter Mayle life….. here it is in actuality.
  • The Donkey’s Hind Legs –  You will just adore Paula’s photographs of life on Inis Oirr one of the Aran Islands, off our West Coast… and YOU MUST read the story of her Dad and the deers in the Phoenix Park.  He will become a tourist attraction.
  • Dr. How’s Science Wows – Another blog coming from the West of Ireland, Naomi has such a fun way of teaching children and adults some scientific stuff.
  • AirSkull – follow the adventures of a Mum home-schooling four boys.  I love the portrayal of each of the boys’ characters – I feel I almost know them already!
  • The Hedge Combers – another small-holder, this time in Cornwall, documenting the highs and sometimes lows, of it all… you’ll love Janie’s egg book too!

So on to those 7 things you may not know about me…..

  1. I don’t like porridge or coffee, but am told I make delicious porridge and coffee
  2. I like to iron, but I hate hoovering
  3. I talk to myself all the time!
  4. I loved maths and latin at school…. the original nerd!
  5. I don’t swim (hate being out of my depth) but yet I am credited with teaching my niece to swim.
  6. I once won a trophy for playing squash – that still astounds me!
  7. I have taken some flying lessons and loved it and I would love to go up in a hot air balloon.

So who inspires you?

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