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Do you still send Christmas cards?  We don’t.

There was a time when I probably sent close to 100 cards every year.  I actually enjoyed the process at the time.  I used to write individual letters to include with each card.  That was just so time consuming.  In latter years I did resort to the generic typed letter.

And then all of a sudden I stopped sending cards altogether.  My reasons were many…. the cost of the cards – although I always bought charity cards – it was still expensive.  The increasing cost of postage – isn’t it horrendous?

However, it was also the sheer waste in the aftermath Christmas.

All those beautiful cards, sent by friends and family, what to do with them.  I am not a hoarder, so keeping them was not an option.

So here are my suggestions to tempt you to re-use/recycle your Christmas cards.

  •  I diligently go through the few cards that we do get and save any that I can reuse next year as ‘gift tags’.  For those of you with small people in the house, this would be an ideal activity on a wet afternoon!!Used stamps
  • I also save the stamps from any cards we get.  Did you know the Irish Peat Conservation Council love to get your old stamps?

I know it may be a bit late to be telling you this, but do save any stamps that you get on cards next week, and throughout the year, and send them on to them.  Help save our peatlands!

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