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Winter Stream

We’ve had a ton of rain in the past week.  It has hardly stopped raining at all… and there is more rain and storms on the way this evening.

Getting out to feed the pigs is a nightmare.  They really don’t like the rain.  They come out to eat and then go straight back to bed – sensible pigs.

The ground is sodden.

We shouldn’t really complain when you think of people in other parts of the world not having enough water.  In one sense we are lucky, despite the drudgery of the mud.

We have underground springs everywhere.

Winter Stream

Winter Stream

The outcome of all this rain and increased underground spring activity?  Since Friday we are back to having our Winter Stream.

It is not there in the summer.  It is perfectly dry in the summer, but once the rains start to fall it appears and will now probably stay until late Spring/early Summer. We spent the morning raking all the debris out of it so that it could ‘flow’…. it is almost knee deep in just 2 or 3 days.

The ducks love it, you can just make out a couple of them off in the pond in the neighbouring field!

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