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How quickly they grow up…

We were so excited yesterday… our new hens that arrived 2 weeks ago provided us with their first eggs!  Well, at least, 3 of them did.  Granted they are tiny eggs… but they will start to give us bigger ones!

OK... this will suit me fine!

And we had 3 more today…. so things are looking good.

The other new arrivals, those cute little ducks have grown so much in just two weeks. Who ever said there was such a thing as an ‘ugly’ duckling!  I reckon they have doubled in size!

This is how they looked that very first day when we took them out of the box.

Are we there yet?????

You should have seen these guys the first day we gave them a little paddle pool to play in.  They were just like kids, running in and out, getting soaked, shake yourself off, dry yourself a bit and run straight back in again!

But look at them now, just 2 weeks later, they are proper little grown ups!

We're not babies anymore!

I keep telling them that they may not have a long life ahead of them….. but it will be a good one!  Farmer Alfie is now digging a pond for them!

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