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Do you remember that horrendous song?  Just to drive you crazy, go on have a listen!  Creepy or what?

On the nicer side though for anyone who likes gardens and especially, tulips, make sure to get along to Bellefield House & Gardens on Saturday next.  Bellefield House is home to Angela Jupe the Landscape Architect, and has the most amazing array of tulips in the walled garden.

Saturday (21st April) marks the start of a week long celebration of the tulip.  It is the first ever such celebration here in Ireland so a wonderful opportunity for all tulip lovers to get involved.

Eric Breed – who takes the most amazing photographs of tulips will be in attendance to talk all things tulip – and I guess he knows a lot – his Dad, Kees Breed, saved many tulips from extinction.

I was privileged to sit in on a photoshoot over at Bellefield Gardens last week.  I must say I enjoy taking photographs of flowers – they don’t move about (well not much anyway) and you don’t have to keep asking them to smile!

Learning from the professional!

Learning from the professional!

Tulips would not be my most favourite flower but I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about them and taking the photos… so maybe I have been converted a bit!  To be honest I never knew there was such a variety!  For the technical details on tulips have a read of Fionnuala Fallon’s visit to the gardens.

Deep red tulips

If you are a tulip lover, a visit to Bellefield on Saturday next should be in your diary – there will also be guided tours of a townhouse garden in Birr and a Woodland Cottage garden just outside Birr.


  • Saturday, 21st April
  • 10 am start at Bellefield House & Gardens
  • Cost: €65 pp which includes lunch and afternoon tea
  • Guided visits to 3 gardens
  • Finish 4.30 pm
  • To book 0505 47766

Enjoy your tiptoeing! 🙂

Burgundy Border of Tulips

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