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How do you fancy some home-grown and hand-reared pork or bacon for St. Patrick’s Day this year? Doesn’t this look totally tempting?  I will add this recipe, it was so simple and so delicious!

Bacon Hot Pot.... yummy!

We collected and delivered more of our pork last week!  This time around we had a 50/50 split between new customers and repeat orders which is really wonderful. Hopefully we are doing something right!

Sales went so good last week that once again we were left with no pork (just a few chops) for ourselves and I was sooooo looking forward to having some roast pork!!! Instead we settled for griddled pork chops… which were scrumptious!

Truly Scrumptious Pork Chops

Orders are starting to come in already… so we will be sending another pig off to the butcher in order to be able to supply all those traditionalists with some good, old-fashioned pork or bacon to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

As I write this I am looking out the window at the pigs feeding on a big pile of carrots, parsnips and turnips… ready seasoned with root vegetables, eh!

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What’s your favourite pork or bacon dish for St. Patrick’s Day?

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