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Well, I tried it last year and it wasn’t very successful.  So not one to be outdone by such things I am trying it again.

Honesty Table

Anyone who has travelled around the English countryside will be familiar with the idea of an ‘honesty table’.  They are to be seen everywhere.

Basically if you have surplus eggs, plants, fruit, vegetables, jams, breads, whatever – you put a ‘table’ at your gate with your priced articles and trust that people will be honest and trustworthy and pay for whatever they wish to take.

I have seen honesty tables scattered about our countryside too.  There’s one in Mucklagh, Co. Offaly that sells bunches of rhubarb in season.  There’s a lady in Nenagh who sells her surplus daffodils.

Theresa over at The Green Apron and I were discussing the idea of ‘honesty tables’ recently.  Theresa has had as much luck as I have with her one!  So we reckon maybe we need to get a campaign going.

When speaking to a couple of ex-colleagues recently – one knew what an honesty table was, the other didn’t.

So now I wonder do folks ‘get it’?  Do you understand the concept?

What could be nicer than getting fresh, local produce right from your neighbour?  Would you stop at an honesty table?

Do people not want to be seen supporting local?  The table is at the gate so you don’t have to engage.  Would people prefer to engage?  I don’t know the answers, so any suggestions you may have would be welcome.

My table is now into its second week…… and so far no takers!

I shall persevere.

You will probably hear my shouts of joy when the first sale is made! 🙂

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