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Quick, before rhubarb season is over, get some and try this recipe.

Rhubarb Tart with Coconut Pastry

Rhubarb Tart with Coconut Pastry

It’s not so much that the tart is different…. it is, in fact, the pastry. I’ve been experimenting. Got this idea into my head and folks it works. You will all know my regular pastry made with butter and lard. This time though I thought I’d try it with coconut oil.

We’ve discovered Cocowel Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in our SuperValu in Portumna…. and boy, is it delicious. We are using it in lots of different ways.

coconut oil

coconut oil

Now here’s the thing with this pastry…. you know the way they always say that you need ‘cold’ hands to make good pastry, with this mix it is quite the opposite. Your hands need to be warm as you need to be able to break the coconut oil down.


8 oz. Plain white flour or spelt flour
2 oz. Butter
2 oz. Coconut Oil
Cold water
5 to 6 stalks of Rhubarb – washed and chopped
Sugar to taste.


Add the butter and coconut oil to your measured flour. Rub the butter and oil into the flour until all lumps are gone. Mix in the water a dash at a time, until the mixture comes together.

Wrap your pastry in cling film and leave in fridge for a couple of hours. (I find pastry is much easier to work with if you do this.)

Grease a dinner plate (this amount of pastry – makes enough for a tart made on any dinner plate) Divid your pastry in two and roll out, thinly, in two pieces. Add the chopped rhubarb and sugar to taste. Brush rim of pastry with water. Top with remaining pastry.

Bake in oven heated to 180 deg for approx. 30 – 35 minutes. Allow to cool a bit.

Sprinkle with caster sugar and serve.

Enjoy 🙂

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Living here in what is often called ‘the sticks’ (or a remote part of the country to the more refined out there!) we don’t often get to see any of the big chef names!  So a couple of weeks back when I heard that Kevin Dundon, just like Santa, was coming to town…. I put the date in the diary!

Not to be missed.

Our local SuperValu in Portumna were hosting a Christmas evening and Kevin Dundon was the star.

Kevin Dundon in SuperValu Portumna

We both really enjoyed a terrific evening.  Hundreds (mainly women – I think possibly 3 or 4 men!) turned up, and Kevin turned on the charm.  For 2.5 hours he cooked up a storm.

There was Cauliflower & Parmessan cheese soup – delicious!

White bowl with Cauliflower & Parmessan Soup

There were Prawn Cocktails, Chicken Wings and Soy and Honey glazed Salmon.  I did have a giggle when I heard people ask if you can make Prawn Cocktail without prawns!  And another comment that the Salmon and Prawns were very ‘fishy’…. not sure what they were supposed to taste like!!!!!

There were Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries, turkey and ham pasties, Steak Diane…. and then he moved onto desserts!

There was Baileys Cream Pots, Apple Pie, Cranberry Trifles and Profiteroles….

Profiteroles in glass

My favourite dessert!

Now I am not a dessert person…. but mention profiteroles and you’ve won me over…. and these profiteroles were absolutely gorgeous.

I also loved the spun sugar demo…. I am definitely going to try this some day!  Apologies for the photo, but I think you get the idea – again it was all made look so so easy!

Spun Sugar

If you hear that Kevin Dundon is coming to a SuperValu near you…. get there!  (I believe he’s travelling around Galway again this week.) He made it all so easy and relaxed.  A really enjoyable evening!  And all for free in our local shop anyway!

We came home with 3 different recipe leaflets, etc.

And we are such good students, we’ve already made the Apple Pie which was a big hit.

Apple pie with icecream

And A cooked the Steak Diane and Swede & Parsnip Gratin at the weekend – which even after cooking it himself, he decided was the best meal he’s ever prepared!  And that’s saying something, cos no matter how often he cooks…. he usually doesn’t like it much himself!

Steak Diane with spinachSwede & Parsnip Bake

If you are near a SuperValu do make sure to go along… or even pop in and pick up the recipe leaflets.

For those who can’t get the recipes… I will share! I promise! 🙂

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What a great tip! I’d never have thought of doing it like that!

Love the aubergine!

What a great dressing!

Just some of the comments from the participants on the BBQ Course here on Saturday last.

Chef John

It was a food filled day with Chef John Whelan of The Devils Menu preparing and sharing some wonderful recipes.

There was Butterfly leg of Lamb – Mediterranean Style, Argentinean Beef Skewers, Cypriot Pork Kebabs – made using Oldfarm free range Saddleback Pork – and so much more!  There was chicken – whole and in pieces.   There were chargrilled courgettes and aubergines. There were numerous salads, the favourite being the couscous salad.

The day started at 10 o’clock with Chef John leading the group through the various styles of bbq’s that were going to be used.  He explained the purpose of marinades and rubs, demonstrated the best preparation methods for the different meats – both for flavour and of course, for safety.

Hands on...

Every so often, there would be an exclamation of “what a great way to do that – I’d never have done it that way”.   By the end of the day, we had lost count of the number of handy tips that we had picked up!

Silence descended when everyone sat down to lunch.  There was such an array of food no-one knew where to start.  But start they did and then there was endless discussion about the Spanish Paprika used on the Aubergines, the Japanese style glaze for the chicken and so much more.

Argentinean Beef & Cypriot Pork Kebabs

Chargrilled Aubergine

Then it was time to start preparing dinner!

Everyone thought they wouldn’t be able to eat dinner!  But after an afternoon of preparation, poaching and then barbecuing, all sat down to another sumptuous meal.  A tired but very happy group headed home with lots of tips and recipes to try out on their own bbq – and with full tummies from a day’s tasting!

Major thank you’s to SuperValu Portumna and Zip Firelighters for the sponsorship. Everyone was mightily impressed, and especially when they went home with a bag of charcoal to get practising on!


This was our first time to do anything like this. It went well.  It will definitely be continued.

What should we do next?

From reaction so far – another BBQ course seems likely.  But what else would you suggest?

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