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Thought I’d share this recipe which happened completely by accident to be extremely nice for last night’s dinner….

Farmer Alfie had tried cooking leg of goat on the bbq a few weeks back… he does a leg of lamb like that and it is deliciously but somehow it just didn’t work at all with the goat – left the meat quite chewy.

When I took on cooking duties last night I thought I would try cooking the leg (complete with bone) as you would lamb shanks – long and slow.  So I did my incisions into meat and inserted slivers of garlic.  I also put a chopped up onion and threw a tin of tomatoes into the roasting tin (just for some liquid).  Put into the oven at 180 deg for 30 mins.  Checked at that point and tomatoes were drying up, so covered the leg in tinfoil and reduced oven to 150 deg.

Allowed another 40 minutes or so, then took the foil off, increased the temperature to 190 degrees and cooked for 10 minutes – just to brown the meat.

It was absolutely delicious….. really moist…. try it!

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