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Well so I’m told.

In my mind’s eye, the rest of the world takes it easy on Sunday…. maybe taking a stroll along the prom, walking to a nearby cafe for a late breakfast, sitting people watching, reading the papers. 🙂

Cos let me tell you around here it just never seems to happen!  Today we spent the morning re-fencing a paddock in order to contain the current batch of escape artists.

Pig Fencing

Last Sunday was even more chaotic.

It started out fine, 7 participants came along to learn about pig-rearing.  We had fun and chats, fed them lunch, talked food and pigs, drank tea, ate cake.  They headed home.

We discovered another chick had been hatched – great excitement.

Our AirBnB guest arrived, and headed off to meet up with some people.

The bees swarmed.  The swarm was caught.

Rush off to get new hive for them.

Return from that trip to find new chick half dead in yard – blame cats and/or dogs (more on that later).

Set up new hive and transfer swarm to it.


Look out window to see six young pigs in neighbours field.  Grab bucket of feed and coax them back to base.  Block gap.

Prepare dinner for ourselves and guest….. it was a late dinner 🙂

So how does your Sunday go?


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