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Twice recently I’ve been asked “how come we got into pigs”?


Back in 2008 I read an article in the Irish Times about a day long course on ‘how to’ with pigs.  As I’ve said many times before I wanted to get hens.  But A wanted pigs.  So I suggested we do this course – more of a learning experience for me as I knew zilch about pigs!

So one sunny autumn Sunday we drove up to Sligo and attended a course.  A was totally enamoured by the pigs…. and, of course, there were some for sale!

We came home and chatted about it, and it was decided that we would get 2 pigs to see how we got on.  The sty (rather stylish one) was prepared and we were ready.  The plan was to raise them for our own table and to share with friends and family.

The following week A headed back up to Sligo with trailer to collect the 2 boy pigs.

Silly me.

Never let A go on a shopping trip…. he came back with 3 boy pigs…. well, you couldn’t leave one behind on his own!!!!!!!

3 pigs huddled in cornerThe new arrivals

We’d been told not to give them names so they were known as 14, 15 and 16 – their ear tag numbers.

They settled in nicely.

I went off to work daily.


One Saturday morning (and we were now into winter time, so I was going to and from work in the dark!) I was sat down and told we had a couple more pigs!  (I really was in the dark!)

A had decided he liked the pigs so much to go and buy some girl pigs!  We now had Lucy, Pinky, Perky and Floppy.

Alfie and pigs

And what do you get when you leave boy pigs and girl pigs share the same house and field?

You guessed it….. a lot, an awful lot, of baby pigs.

To be precise we had 48 baby pigs.

Suddenly we were in the pig business.



And that’s how it all started. 🙂

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