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I will need some help here… but does anyone remember the ‘Bread War’ years?  As far as I can remember it must have been in the 1970’s.  My memory of that time is when the big supermarkets started to sell bread really cheaply (sometimes below cost) in order to get the customer in and shopping!

Well the Bread Wars are alive and well here in Redwood!

White Yeast and Nutty Brown

Farmer Alfie is the bread-maker in this house, and makes bread every week using spelt flour because I cannot take wheat (wheat really has such a detrimental effect on my lungs… I just cough and cough … and sound like a 60 a day smoker …. me, who has never had a cigarette in my life!).   Anyway in the past of couple of weeks Anne-Marie, our neighbour, has happened to visit as Farmer Alfie was baking so has gone home with a loaf or two.

Farmer Alfie tends to stick with the old-fashioned brown or white soda…. on the odd occasion that I am allowed to make bread I do the yeast variety; or I also make a rather yummy Chocolate & Apricot Bread!

Anyway, back to the Bread War….not to be outdone, last week Anne-Marie arrived here with 6 loaves!  What a selection she brought – multi-seed, Guinness, brown soda!  She must have been baking all day!

Soda Bread fresh from Oven

It took a while to work through such a variety.

The next level…. Soup War…. I believe it is who makes the best Leek & Potato Soup!

Let me know if you would like any of the recipes?

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