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Where did it start, my love of rugby?  I actually don’t know.

In reality though, I think it couldn’t have been otherwise.  I was born in Limerick and spent my formative years living just about 500 metres from Thomond Park.  I walked past it every day on my way to junior school.

And now that I think about it, any job I had in Dublin was within a half of mile of Lansdowne Road (now the Aviva Stadium).

So I guess it was destiny that has made me a rugby fan, or nerd as some people call me.

I never ever missed an International game when I lived in Dublin, and in fact, spent most weekends at some club game or other.

Today I was remembering one girlie night out when I said to the girlfriends ‘I have just spent €XXXX on something’.   There were various guesses – cool pieces of furniture, piece of art, a fur coat!!!   Not a bit of it – I’d just bought 10 year tickets to rugby.  Some thought I was crazy.

A gang of us used to travel to matches.

I’ve been to Cardiff once for a game – talk about hallowed ground.  When you are in that enormous stadium and they sing Breath of Heaven….. spine chilling.

I’ve been to Edinburgh so many times – my favourite destination.  Lovely city, great people and great great fun!  Gosh, what mad nights we’ve had in Edinburgh… but then what goes on tour, stays on tour, so there will be no tales told 🙂

I’ve been a couple of times to Twickenham – always a difficult venue for any chance of an Irish win…. but I was there for this most memorable match and try

What an atmosphere 🙂

There have been so many great days out at Lansdowne Road (now the Aviva Stadium)… and yes, I am that old, that I was there for these matches….

They were something else….. the wind (and the cold) the day of that match against Scotland…. and Ollie Campbell scored all the points.  Brilliant!

These days I don’t get to go to the matches as much…… those 10 year tickets have well expired, and the cost of renewing them is way too prohibitive.  So now I have to settle myself in front of the TV (which is most definitely not as good)…. but I do roar, shout and curse at the match.

So folks some thoughts – don’t ever ever call me during a match or expect me to attend something else on the day of a match – I AM BUSY! 🙂

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