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It has been a bit of a sporting weekend…. Heineken Cup on Saturday and today it was the turn of the cyclists.

The An Post Ras (Circuit of Ireland Bicycle Race) passed within 3 miles of our home today, so we had to go and cheer them on.  Today was Stage 2.  They travelled 160 km from Longford to Nenagh.

I was surprised so few of the neighbours went to see them…. I know they are all gone in a flash but still it isn’t often you have a big sporting event like this right on your doorstep!

We were lucky to meet two very enthusiastic spectactors who had travelled from Ennis to see the race.  One of the guys had actually formerly competed!  So they kept us informed of what was happening as we waited.

Despite the fact that it is the 20th May, the day was cold and dull…. so I hope the photographs give you some idea of the athleticism and speed these guys were travelling at.

As I type this today’s race is over and the winner has been announced!  I managed to catch him on camera as he passed at the end of our road 🙂

The Winner


I think the second guy in this shot is Shane Archbold who won today’s stage.

You will also spot yesterday’s winner…. he’s the tall man wearing the yellow jersey. Our two knowledgeable guides informed us he is 6 ft. 8 in. tall!  That is tall!

Take time to look at the level of concentration and the mixed emotions on their faces.  This is very serious stuff.

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If the race is near you do go out and give them a cheer.  You can keep track of the results here, or see when they will be near you here.  There are 6 more days with them travelling through Limerick, Kerry, Cork, Carlow and finishing up in Skerries on Sunday… don’t miss them.

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