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I just couldn’t wait any longer…..

drifting & freezing fog from the vegetable garden

Despite the fact that we had a freezing fog lingering about the place today, I just felt I had to get out to the garden.  So I did.  I took an hour out and went and started to tidy up the vegetable patch, which hasn’t had a single thing done to it, probably since October! When I think how bad the weather was before Christmas, and then afterwards, it probably is October since I was last in the garden!

We haven’t even managed to get garlic into the ground yet.  I was reading another blog today where there was a discussion about when is the best time to plant garlic.  The suggestion there was that you plant garlic on the shortest day, and harvest on the longest day!  A cool way to remember!  We’ve always done so in October, but because the ground was so wet didn’t this year.  I am hoping that if I plant it now it will come on….. fingers crossed!

It was good to spend an hour pottering about today (I can tell you I had a mountain of clothes on!).  I managed to clean up two beds which is a good start …. I even found a few parsnips still in the ground .. so they are on the menu for tomorrow’s dinner.

I also managed to get my seed list sorted to send off to the Organic Centre, so hopefully by the weekend I can start planting!

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