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Between Christmas and New Year – that time of year when we all make resolutions of some sort or other – we managed to get out for a couple of walks.  Despite the best efforts of the weather to spoil the opportunities!

We are lucky here in Redwood to have some lovely walks within a short distance from us, and one of my favourite winter places is Lough Boora Parklands.  It is a stark, bleak place which is especially beautiful on a cold, crisp, winters day.

However the day we visited recently it rained.  What’s new?  But the rain did ease very very slightly for some of the photos.  (It really is a challenge to take photographs when all about you is GREY!)

Lakes at Lough Boora

Lough Boora Parklands are managed by Bord na Mona who for years harvested the peat, but now are trying to give the area a new lease of life.

Dis-used Railway Tracks at Lough Boora

Can you imagine how busy this place must have been at one point?

There is an amazing diversity of birds to be seen in the area – and some wonderful bird watching stations.

Geese and ducks at Lough Boora

This guy was very very curious…. and followed me all along the way looking for food!

Once when we were there we were also amazed and mesmerized watching people with their model airplanes – now that’s a hobby I think I’d love!

But what Lough Boora really excels at are the sculptures!  I think it is every second year an artist from somewhere around the world is invited to come and create.  The only stipulation is that they use materials that are available within the area and reflect its history.  Over the years there have been some terrific pieces created from stone, old railway sleepers and even the old rails themselves.

The Pyramid at Lough Boora

'Trees' at Lough Boora

Sky Train at Lough Boora

The Sky Train is my favourite – there is something really surreal about it, isn’t there? I am sure this is not the correct name – but the ‘triangles’ are wonderful too – especially when the light is right and the sun catches them.

I was disappointed to note that the Willow Sculpture which is only a few years old has been allowed to deteriorate so much – it was built almost like a willow maze and was a beautiful piece.

Deteriorated Willow Sculpture at Lough Boora Parklands

But don’t let that deter you – if you are in the area stop by, it is a really wonderful place to walk and enjoy the peace and quiet – the noisiest thing there are the birds!

What’s your favourite spot of all to enjoy peace and quiet?

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