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Now there’s a title for a blog post!

So what am I going to say about ‘sausages’…. well lots actually!

Here in Redwood, and I think like most Irish people, we kind of like our sausages.  Up to a few years ago I wouldn’t have been able to say ‘our sausages’ and really, really mean ‘our’ sausages.

When we lived in Dublin our favourite sausages of all were Superquinn sausages.  Then we moved to Redwood and tried lots of different local butchers – the sausages were nice but not as nice as those far away Superquinn ones – you know what you can’t have, etc.  So when visitors came from Dublin and asked what could they bring?  The answer was always Superquinn sausages!

Now we have our own sausages…. and we, of course, love them. It is many, many years since I’ve had a Superquinn sausage.

two types of sausages on a white plate

So what do you reckon goes into those white things???

Thank you to Lily at A Mexican Cook in Ireland for this photo

We can be quite obsessive here looking at sausages in supermarkets.  Have you ever read the labels on sausages?  The colour of the sausages is a dead giveaway to us….. there is virtually no meat in them!

And what is even more wonderful, we have had two customers who have recently told us that our sausages have replaced Superquinn sausages on their shopping lists!  One lady just stocks up her freezer with kilos of our sausages every few weeks!  We have definitely arrived!

So what makes our sausages so good?

Our sausages are made with pork!  Good quality, gmo-free, free-range pork.  So the breakdown of what goes into the sausages is :

  • 80% pork meat
  • 10% pork fat
  • 10% herbs, spices and rusks

What doesn’t go into our sausages – gmo’s, additives or E numbers.  So when they are made we deliver or freeze them immediately.

We love them just fried for breakfast.

Irish free range sausagesThank you to Paula at Paula’s Sweet Treats for this photo

With pasta for dinner.

Or with beans for another mid-week dinner.

So how do you like your sausages?


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