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Irish Food

And how it is portrayed pictorially was the theme at the Irish Food Pix event at Bord Bia on Friday last!  Try googling ‘Irish Food’ images and you will seen what they mean…. pretty poor and dismal stuff really!

I think, there were 45 food bloggers who travelled from all over the country to Dublin last Friday to learn.

I had the pleasure of travelling up with Nenagh Gal and we chatted all the way there (and back)!  Lisa had never been on the Luas before so that also added to our excitement…. talk about two country bumpkins hitting the Big Smoke.

Lisa on the Luas

Lisa's first trip on the Luas!

We did one silly thing…. but like all good stories – what goes on tour, stays on tour! No I’m not sharing that!

Wow! Is all that can be said about the display of sweet treats that had been brought along to share! I bet Maeve didn’t expect to see so much food when she casually suggested bringing something along for coffee break!

Sweet Treats

Lots, and lots, of sweet treats

I was glad I’d opted for a savoury snack!  The sausage rolls went down a treat – will post a recipe separately, I promise!

Down to the real purpose of our trip.

Donal – musician, kitchen hero, photographer, cookery book writer, TV personality (where does he get the time?) – shared his photographic tips in a very understandable way for a non-techie!  Thank you, Donal.

Donal Skehan

Jocasta – went into the more technical side of photography things!  I loved her explanations and demonstrations on how to diffuse light!

Jocasta Clarke

Jocasta explaining about diffusing light

Sharon – did the food styling bit!  Such perfection!  I am not sure I am ever going to have the patience to use cocktail sticks to place strawberries on a cake! Sorry, Sharon! 🙂

Sharon Hearne Smith

Sharon and yes, that's a paint stripper... used for melting cheese! 🙂

Then we stopped for lunch…. a delicious lunch it was too.

lunch of bacon and salads

And lunch also provided an opportunity to catch up with some old friends and meet some new bloggers.  As you can see the blogroll is getting very long, as I add new people that I have met!

After lunch it was the turn of Damien Mulley to explain Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and google rankings.

Then Kristin – Dinner du Jour, Edible Ireland and Irish Food Bloggers Association (she’s the female Donal!) gave us her 5 top tips for recipe writing.

I have copious notes that I took during the day and will have to create a ‘to do’ list of homework for myself.

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