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Nothing as nice as a winter salad…

Celery, salad leaves and goat's cheese

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It has been a good day in the garden.  I’ve managed to get lots done.  That always gives such a sense of satisfaction!

New ‘carpet’ has been laid on the pathway in the polytunnel.  New home been found for the surplus asparagus.  Lots of weeding done both inside and out.

And there is no better way to end the day in the garden than by going harvesting!

strawberries, borage flowers, rocket and chives

Dinner in this house this evening is home-made beef burgers, salad and maybe some fresh fruit for dessert – or that might wait for breakfast!

However, what did strike me (once again) while I was gathering the salad leaves was how quickly they were wilting.  From the time I gathered the leaves, photographed them and made the salad was less than half an hour – but you could see the leaves starting to wilt a bit already.

Now that poses another question – what goes onto salad leaves in shops to keep them fresh for so long?  I am not sure I want to hear the answer.  One thing I know when I pick scallions from the garden, if I don’t use them that evening, they go to the pigs next day….. they are just a sorry, limp specimen!

Courgettes, salad leaves, raspberries, strawberries, borage flowers, rocket, chives, scallions

Do you have any thoughts?


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