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Remember that rant which someone described as a ‘first world’ problem….. all about those rubber gloves deteriorating in the same spot and being overloaded with left-hand gloves?  It was amazing the reaction to that post…. it would seem I am not the only one who gets bothered by such trivia 🙂

I have the solution……

Yes, thanks to Anne-Marie over at Warm & Snug & Fat….. thank you Anne-Marie!

It is so simple, you are all going to be blown away by just how simple it is…..

Drum roll…..

ta da…..

Rubber Gloves update

Just turn one of your many left-hand gloves inside out and there you have a perfect working right-hand glove 🙂

Now why didn’t I think of that??????

So for all of you who throw both gloves out when one goes…. no need to!

Oh and by the way, the other interesting thing – well I think it interesting – none of the companies mentioned in the original post have commented.  I reckon they aren’t interested, and don’t even have a google alerts set up for their brand name…. crazy!!!!

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I know!  I know!  A weird topic…. but this may well turn into a bit of a rant.  Don’t you find though that often it is the silliest, tiniest things that can be the most irritating?

It has taken a few years but I’ve finally (I think and hope) found garden gloves that last!  I’ve had my Showa pair for nearly 3 years now.  Outdoor gloves for Alfie are a challenge – we’re still working on that.

When working around the house, I don’t use rubber gloves all the time, but you just need to wear rubber gloves  for certain jobs, especially if you have sensitive skin.

And to be honest, I am sick and tired of buying gloves that only last a few days, or more correctly a few minutes usage.

As my sister said recently they should sell them individually!  And she’s right.

It is always the right-hand one that goes on me.  So currently in my press I have FIVE left-hand gloves.

And only ONE LEAKING right-hand one!!!!!

selection of rubber gloves here at Oldfarm

So here’s my analysis of three different brands that I’ve bought over the past few months.

I’ve bought the expensive ones – Marigold Extra Tough Outdoor – €4.49 – only used them indoors and yes, they lasted a bit longer than other brands but ultimately the same problem occurs.

I’ve bought the medium priced ones – Killeen Super Strong – €1.69 – thought I’d support an Irish company – they didn’t last any time.

I’ve bought the cheap ones – around .50c in Aldi –  thinking at least I could replace them regularly at that price!  They lasted about 3 or 4 uses!  So I’d need to buy a pair a week, thus adding to my selection of left-hand gloves.

The same thing happens in each of them, after a very short time, they wear thin either at the thumb and forefinger junction, or the tip of the finger and leak.

Pink Rubber glove

And always, always the right-hand one.

Is there anything worse than a leaking rubber glove? I HATE the feeling and the smell.

So rubber glove manufacturers, is there anything that can be done about this?

Can we go and buy a stack of right-hand gloves or left-hand ones?  Should we start a ‘swap’ club for rubber glove wearers – I could pair up with a left-handed person?

Has anyone else had this trivial but annoying problem?

Has anyone found a glove that lasts?

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