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Where is 2012 going?

June was hectic here in Redwood…. and July has been even busier!

And as for summer?  What is that?  We’ve had more rain than you could even imagine!  We had had a silly plan to build a duck pond this year!  Silly us!  No need to even to worry the lawn has stayed flooded and the ducks are extremely happy.

What have we been up to this month….

Well we had another 6 enthusiastic pig people here at the beginning of the month for the pig rearing course.

One participant flew in from Portugal….. which spawned a whole new idea…. how’s about house swaps among pig breeders?  Well why not?  We could easily go to Portugal and mind some pigs…. and they could have a lovely holiday here while minding our guys?  A great idea 🙂

We had the lovely Daili come and stay with us for a week… and we convinced her to start her own blog 🙂

We had Mr. and Mrs. Katzwizkaz come and stay and Mr. Katzwizkaz was a wizz at helping Alfie out with fixing up new fencing.  Thank you so much!

We spent a weekend in Dublin for my aunt’s 80th birthday.  Thank you to my sister and her 3 friends who ‘house-swapped’ with us… the four city girls came and looked after the menagerie here while we minded her cat and dogs!!!


While in Dublin we got to spend time at the Honest 2 Goodness market in Glasnevin – a great place to hang out and chat to all the traders – we were there for hours.  Too busy chatting to take photos!  We had a quick visit to Ikea.  The celebrations were held at Roly’s – our first time there – and very nice it was too! (No recession going on in either Roly’s or Ikea I can tell you!)

Alan and Lily from My Mexican Shop came for a quick visit to get their staycation off to a good start.

My cousin came for a few nights….

And in between times we harvested, weeded, made butter, jams and brownies, and I went back to work with my old boss for a couple of weeks…..

I need a holiday!!!!!!!!!!

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