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It has been an exceptionally busy week around here with such a lot on!  It is going to take a couple of posts to fill you in on everything, so I am going to start with the ending of the week!  Sure where else would you start?

Yesterday, Sunday, we headed to the Slow Food Celebration at Rigney’s Farm in Co. Limerick.  Alfie had spoken to Caroline a couple of times but they had never met up.  Caroline is just as keen as Alfie to get the whole Free Range Breeders Association going, so obviously yesterday was a good opportunity to go and meet.

What a beautiful part of the country Rigney’s is in?  It is based in a forest in West Limerick close to the Kerry border.  As we drove through the little villages I was reminded of my school days in Limerick and was telling Alfie of various school friends that travelled to school in Limerick City from these villages!

There was a huge crowd at Rigney’s for the celebration… and what a lovely set up they had.  There was an old-fashioned threshing display, bread-making, a farrier working away, another guy making sugan chairs… and so much more.

Farrier at workVintage John Deere

Of course, we were intrigued by the spit-roast… take a look at how it was done yesterday!  That was definitely a slow roast… and by the way the spit was powered by, I believe, a washing-machine motor! 🙂

pig on spit very close to the ground

We finished off our visit to Curraghchase with absolutely lovely sandwiches made with their own sausages and wild boar.  I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo! Sorry! But trust me they were very good!

At this stage the sun was blazing down, and Alfie suggested we take the opportunity to go as far as Ballybunion!  I had spent childhood holidays in Ballybunion and hadn’t been since I was about 6 or 7… and there’s no need to start guessing how many years ago that was!!!!!

Ballybunion Beach

The beach at Ballybunion is just as I remembered it! It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon and there was hardly anyone on the beach… maybe everyone was away watching the Kerry v Mayo match?

The beach at Ballybunion

I remembered the public toilets that I had gotten locked into as a small child – I couldn’t reach the handle!! And even located the house we used to stay in.

We went for a long walk on the beach which was looking magical yesterday. And even had a ‘paddle’.

Waves breaking

Then it was time to stroll through ‘town’ and indulge in a tub of McCarthy’s Icecream and mini-doughnuts! We sat on a wall in the sunshine and enjoyed the treat…. just like you would have done if you were 6 or 7!! 🙂

Vanilla Icecream

Mini donuts

We did comtemplate the idea of maybe going back for an overnight or a weekend… does anyone know of nice places to eat in Ballybunion?  We didn’t spot any yesterday.


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