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meant to be easy!

Not so the past few weeks here.  It has been hectic!

And in between work, etc. I have been harvesting vegetables and fruit and trying to find time and inspiration as to what to do with them!

We have had a mammoth amount of redcurrants this year, so I made some  pots of jelly.  I then discovered The Daily Spud’s recipe for lemon drizzle cake with redcurrants – it is delicious!  Made it again last night, this time with a mix of currants and raspberries….. truly, truly, scrumptious!

Lemon Cake

Then we had all the blackcurrants…. so we’ve made Blackcurrant Schnapps and Blackcurrant Juice, so far – and there are still 3 more bushes to harvest.


And then there were raspberries!  Now I don’t mind how many raspberries we get. They are my favourite fruit of all!

I may have mentioned before that a neighbour gave us a load of raspberry canes at the end of Spring.  I put them into the ground and wasn’t sure if they would take. But take they did and we have even had some fruit off them!  Including some yellow raspberries!


And all of the above does not include the gooseberries!

So any suggestions on what to do with all this fruit welcome?

There’s only such much jam needed in the house!

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