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This year I felt unsure about producing our calendar.

Do folks still use calendars?  Has everyone gone totally digital?

I am old-fashioned enough to use a wall calendar in the kitchen, and I also have one in the study, but that’s really only for reference.  The one in the kitchen has every appointment, booking, etc. filled in on it.

Still I debated.

We asked the question over on Facebook, and I was amazed by the number of responses.  All saying yes, despite the convenience of digital, people still love to have a kitchen calendar!

So I got to work…. trawled through all my photographs from 2017…. there are a lot!

With 24 photos of our life here in North Tipperary, the 2018 calendar has become a reality.  I know some of those who follow along here are from this part of Tipp – I think you will like this little montage of our life.

There are photographs of the animals and ‘the birds’.  There are some recipes.  And there are some photographs of places to visit in the area.  All the photos will be new to you… they’ve not been used on social media, or here on the blog.

Even if you’re not from North Tipperary you will enjoy the quirkiness of our life in photos!  They might even make a nice stocking filler!

If you’d like one (there is a limited number), you can book yours right here.

Oldfarm Calendar 2018



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A ruined vegetable garden!

We have two goats…. they were very cute when they arrived first at 10 days old, and had to be bottle fed!  That was 2 months ago, and now they’ve gotten bigger and most definitely bolder!

Since our move to Redwood, I have totally taken to gardening – the vegetable type gardening, still haven’t gotten around to doing the pretty stuff.  Although I have crawled on my hands and knees (and had help from some friends and family too) planting crocus and snowdrops under the trees. (The photo at the top is one of my own!  Another hobby I’ve taken up since moving to North Tipperary.)

I am rather proud of what I’ve managed to grow and the fact that for approximately 7 or 8 months of the year we are quite self-sufficient in vegetables.  This year, in particular, I have been rather proud of my success with cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts.  They really were looking good – but you should see them now!

The turkeys had a good munch on the brussels sprouts last week, but a bit of netting stopped them in their tracks.  Then the goats escaped from their field and found the vegetable garden – total devastation of everything in sight!  I am not sure if I can retrieve anything at all – they even managed to get the netting off the sprouts.  And they’ve also managed to eat the tops of parsnips and beetroot.  

I have no idea what goat meat tastes like, but I think I will find out sooner rather than later!  Does anyone have any nice goat meat recipes?

On a positive note – at least we know that they’ve been fed very well, on nice, fresh, organic vegetables!

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