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The Milk Debate

For those of you on Twitter and Facebook you will no doubt have come across the whole ‘raw milk’ debate.  By raw milk, they mean unpasteurised.  The Irish government plan to ban the sale of raw milk.

Darina Allen wrote a letter to our Minister for Agriculture in April this year which outlines very clearly why we should at least have a choice in the matter.  I am not going to go into the debate here, but I thought I’d share where we get our milk from!

We are so lucky to have raw milk available to us.  We swap with Anne-Marie & PJ….. their milk for our eggs!  Pretty straight forward really.

Anne-Marie and PJ are away on holiday at the moment, so Alfie is doing their milking for them.   I  took the opportunity to go and do some photographing!

Cows coming in for milking

The milk is so delicious…. and why wouldn’t it be…. look at where these ladies hang out.  If you were a complete philistine you would be considering building a house here to admire that view!  That is the Shannon basin that is below them.

These ladies don’t rush themselves on the way into milking…. just a nice gentle stroll.  And it is all very lady-like in the parlour too!

Alfie in the Milking Parlour

Alfie going about his business…… but this lady thought she ought to keep an eye on him! Just in case he wasn’t doing it right! 🙂  I’m sure PJ will be glad that someone is keeping watch!

Cow peering into Milking Parlour

And here is the end product…. delicious and creamy!

Milk in vat

So when you come visit us…. this is where our milk comes from and will continue to be so.

If you want to at least have a choice about your milk…. join the campaign here or check out the many discussions on line.

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