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We have been hearing so much about Killaloe Market for so long, and have just never got around to getting there!

Does anyone else have this problem?  You want to do something/go someplace and every time you plan to take time out to do it, something else crops up!  Well it’s been that way around here for so long – weekends just slip by and we never get to head off to do the nice things we’ve been thinking about!

Well we’ve made a mid-year resolution to try to get out and about to see these special places.

So last Sunday it was the turn of Killaloe Market.  It is only an hour away from here and is such a scenic drive too…. all down along the side of Lough Derg – absolutely beautiful.  We even came back up the other side of the lake – just for the heck of it!

A lone sail boat on Lough Derg

The market in Killaloe is in a lovely setting (on a sunny Sunday afternoon), but gosh it must be mightily cold in the depths of winter!  I don’t envy the stall holders that job!

Wild Irish Chocolate

Although there were perhaps only a dozen stalls, there was a great buzz about.  And all the stall-holders had time to stand and chat, which just makes the whole shopping experience so much nicer.

so many cheeses to choose from!

We even caught up with a Ray Dunne of Quarrymount Meats who was a fellow networker in our past life! We’re having some of Ray’s gorgeous free-range steaks for dinner tonight!

We, of course, came home laden down with lots of yummy goodies.

Stuffed vine-leaves, goat's cheese with honey, stuffed olives, feta and olives

There was a delicious Goat’s Cheese with honey, a totally pork saucisson.  From the Real Olive Company we got a great selection of olives, stuffed vine-leaves, and a feta and olive mix.

The highlight for Alfie though was the Chicken Curry from Tiwana Spice blends – it was gorgeous and I could see that coming into its own on a cold winter’s day! 🙂

Red Chicken Curry

So next up (hopefully) will be the Milk Market in Limerick!

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