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A note of Thanks!

You know sometimes people are just so so nice.

Bunch of pink flowers

I had such a lovely experience yesterday that I thought

I’d share it with you.

I had a parcel that I wanted to post to Australia.  It was just one of those ordinary tasks that needed to be done.  But have you ever looked at the cost of posting to Australia.  It is really expensive.

So I did my research and knew if I kept the weight below 1 kg I was OK.   Packed up the gifts – weighing as I went – success .996 kg.

Off I trot to the Post Office, but when the girl there weighed the parcel it had suddenly gone up to 1.12 kg.

I told the girl I would take it home and repackage.   She’d have none of it…. she undid the packing, cut off some of the internal cardboard, taped it all up again, making sure it was under the 1 kg.

This took her a good 10 minutes.

She didn’t have to.

But wasn’t that the sweetest thing to do.

So major major thank you to the lovely staff in Portumna Post Office.  You made my day yesterday.

Have you had someone do something nice for you?


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