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This year I felt unsure about producing our calendar.

Do folks still use calendars?  Has everyone gone totally digital?

I am old-fashioned enough to use a wall calendar in the kitchen, and I also have one in the study, but that’s really only for reference.  The one in the kitchen has every appointment, booking, etc. filled in on it.

Still I debated.

We asked the question over on Facebook, and I was amazed by the number of responses.  All saying yes, despite the convenience of digital, people still love to have a kitchen calendar!

So I got to work…. trawled through all my photographs from 2017…. there are a lot!

With 24 photos of our life here in North Tipperary, the 2018 calendar has become a reality.  I know some of those who follow along here are from this part of Tipp – I think you will like this little montage of our life.

There are photographs of the animals and ‘the birds’.  There are some recipes.  And there are some photographs of places to visit in the area.  All the photos will be new to you… they’ve not been used on social media, or here on the blog.

Even if you’re not from North Tipperary you will enjoy the quirkiness of our life in photos!  They might even make a nice stocking filler!

If you’d like one (there is a limited number), you can book yours right here.

Oldfarm Calendar 2018



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If you’ve been to the Honest to Goodness Market you may well have met the lovely Daili who helps out in the Cafe on a Saturday and on the My Mexican Shop  stall on Wednesdays.

Daili came to Ireland last August from Mexico to spend some time here in this country with her Aunt Lily and to study English.

Daili checking out another photo opportunity!

We’ve become more fond of Daili each time we’ve met and were delighted recently when she asked if she could come and stay with us for a while.

Daili came and spent a week with us here in Redwood helping out about the place. We cooked, she cooked, she washed-up, we picked fruit, she topped and tailed (a job I hate!), we made jams, she painted furniture, she tried to teach me how to whistle!!!, and we tried to explain the vagaries of English grammar!!!

I can recommend her as an able assistant with a lovely smile and attitude…. even tho I often called her my ‘slave’!

What I really wanted to share with you about Daili is her wonderful eye with the camera.  Remember this photo?  It was taken by Daili and used a couple of weeks back as my Friday Foto.

We convinced her to start a photography blog and check this out…. no training, just a natural ‘eye’.

She has set herself the task of taking and uploading a photo a day…. I reckon she will grow and grow with each day’s photography! Go on take a look… and maybe even start to follow her! 🙂

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