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Wow, is all I can say with regard to how quickly stuff grows in the polytunnel!  I am amazed!

In the past week there have been some days when even with windows and door open, it has just been too hot to be in there!  I am sure the plants (at least some of them) must feel the same too!  And then there have been days where there has been torrential rain, I’ve got soaked getting to the tunnel and then you feel like such an idiot standing there watering and the rain is bucketing down outside!!!

Polytunnel - 1st July

We have had a plentiful crop of salads for the past few weeks, the courgettes are still thriving.  The tomatoes have just in the past few days started to turn red – I was getting worried that they never would. 🙂

Our first tomato

The basil and parsley are thriving.  I’ve let the coriander go to seed – partly because I like the pretty flowers, and also because I want to save the seeds!

Coriander in flower

I’ve already harvested some seeds and made Coriander and Raspberry Icecream a la Cannelle et Vanille.

The corn, cucumber, squash, pumpkin, peppers and aubergines are all looking good too.

corn, pumpkin, squash, courgette and marigolds

Peppers coming on!

Aubergine about to flower

And according to my Polytunnel Bible it’s time to start planting for the autumn and winter – so guess where you’ll find me over the coming days?

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