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Happy Easter!

It’s Easter Sunday.

It is cold.  It is wet.  It is really miserable.

However, we have had a lovely time with friends and their family here for lunch.  The kids enjoyed the Easter Egg hunt… but I think the dogs may have got to some of the eggs before the kids!  I should check all the hiding places.

So here is a very trivial post for Easter Day.

Sometimes I wonder about how my mind works!  It does go off on awful tangents.

A conversation on twitter yesterday about paint names got me thinking.  Is there someone employed by the paint companies who is paid good money to come up with the crazy names on the paint charts?  The question I had to ask on twitter was ‘what colour is Elephant’s breath’?  Yes, someone had called a paint colour that!  By the way, it is a warm grey.

So here’s the guided tour of our house in ‘paint’ names.

Our house

See if you can guess what colours they are? It’ll be fun to see what the names conjour up in peoples minds. 🙂

Some of what we have…..

Shui   – a blue colour

Pantry – a sea green

Farmhand – a green

Penthouse Living – apricot

Pashmina Wool – cream

Urban String – string colour

Natural Canvas  – pale mushroom

Minimal – mushroom

Moonstone – green

Now I know you could go off and do the old ‘google’ thing and tell me exactly what colour each one is…. but go on guess!

And by the way, Happy Easter!

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