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While we were having all the telecommunications difficulty last week, it was an ideal opportunity to go foraging!

There is a certain thrill about getting food for nothing, isn’t there?

It was also a chance to get rid of some nettles in the garden!  Thank you to David Semple of The Garden Kitchen who told me that having nettles in the garden was a sign I have good ground!  I must have excellent ground!  There are nettles everywhere – I have become quite intimate with the roots of nettles!


Nettle Soup anyone?

I’d never made it before so now was the time!  I will post the recipe over the next few days.

Then there was the search for some local wild garlic!  And look what we found…

Wild Garlic

So there was also time to make some Wild Garlic Pesto!

It made the whole lack of telecommunications worth while!

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