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School tour…

Firstly, my apologies…. I haven’t updated or written in days – I think about 2 weeks! I have been knocked for six with what started out as a sore throat, disappeared and then came back with a vengeance – head cold which developed into an almighty chest infection.  No energy or enthusiasm, so I am sure you are all glad that I didn’t feel the inclination to share my doom and gloom!

Anyway, I’m back on my feet and thought I’d share another of the highlights we’ve had in our time here… I was reminded of this yesterday, just before 4.30 p.m. as the match was about to start!

Farmer Alfie and I live here in a child-free zone must of the time! I am quite happy with life like that, but Farmer Alfie would much rather see kids about the place all the time. While I like children and love having nieces and nephews, etc. come visit, it is nice to know that a time will come when peace and quiet will be restored!

As I was getting myself sorted to sit down and watch the rugby match (why did I bother???) yesterday three of our neighbours (7/8 year old boys) arrived on their bikes to visit the pigs!

Our neighbourhood here in North Tipperary is quite rural – we have a gentleman living across the road from us, and our next nearest neighbour is the church and school which is half a mile away.  I reckon our local school must be the envy of every parent – there are just 14 pupils and two teachers.  It is just like a big family with all the kids growing up together.

When our pigs first arrived, one of the teachers, Mary, asked if she could bring the younger class of kids along for a ‘school tour’.  We were delighted of course.  So on the day we had 8 little kids come along with teacher and some of the Mums.  Not sure who was more excited the pigs or the kids – there was an awful lot of running around by both groups!

School Tour

Visitors have now become a regular part of the pigs lives!  Boys and girls arrive on bikes or foot, have a quick visit with the pigs and then spend some time playing with Buddy and on the swings.  When we had the hens, turkeys and goats there was even more excitement. One of the girls told us that if we got a donkey we’d have a proper animal farm!

Now that we are down to only pigs, the attraction isn’t quite as great, but hopefully in the next week or two we will have our own chicks again!

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