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It was an amazing experience – my first ever TV appearance. Yes, I was on TV this past week.  How it happened goes back to my inability to say ‘no’ when people ask me to do something! 🙂

I did a course on Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning & Marketing in October 2009, and this type of course is now being rebranded and relaunched as Springboard with 6,000 college places available.  So the National College of Ireland, where I did my course, contacted me and asked me would I do up a profile and send a few pictures for the PR company.  And because I can’t say ‘no’…. of course, I did.  Heard nothing more for a week or two, and then the phone call came!  Would I like to go on Ireland AM?

So, then a whole set of questions started…. panic setting in….. what does one wear on TV at 7.45 am?  Make-up – do you do it yourself?  I have to be there for 7 am!

In the end it was decided that I should travel to Dublin the night before and stay close to the TV3 station.

So I travelled up last Monday evening and got to the hotel at about 8.30.  I know I only stayed one night…. but while the room was fine, etc.  how can Irish hotels still get away with serving such appalling food?  I didn’t even have breakfast in the place 🙂

Anyway it was early to bed and up early next morning!  On the road to the TV station by 6.40…. get lost, try not to panic! And arrive at 7 am.  I was surprised by the amount of activity about the place even at that time.

me standing at TV3 logo

The other guest for my slot – Garrett was already there – his wife, Erica, admitted she’d just had to come to share the excitement!  The staff at the station were lovely.  Luke was organising all the various slots – so we had to wait our turn to get our hair and make-up checked!  Total film star mode!  As I had chanced taking my camera along, Erica was nominated the photographer!

Garrett and I waiting in the 'green room'!

It was a first time for Mary Liz and Garrett too…. and the questions we were asking, must have made Luke and the floor manager laugh!  We all suddenly had notions that we were going to clash with the red couch!

Aidan Cooney was charming and made us all feel so relaxed.  I have to admit that once we started talking, I completely didn’t even notice the cameras!

me on TV!

My TV debut was over so quickly!  I think we were on for about 10 or 15 minutes, but it was all over in a flash!

It was an amazing experience.  Not only being on TV and learning just how many people watch TV at that hour of the morning!  Also to see what a small space the studio is!  The news desk, Vincent Browne’s area, and another desk all in the one section as that infamous red couch!

What’s next?  Who knows?

Thank you to the people at National College of Ireland, Caroline Moody PR, Mary Liz Trant (HEA) and all the folks at TV3 Ireland AM for the opportunity.

And major thank you to all the kind comments from our Facebook and Twitter fans – some of whom helped with the ‘what to wear’ and ‘make-up’ issues – and others just offered so much support.

Thank you all!

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The last few days have been quite hectic!  So much so that I have not had an opportunity to even turn on the computer not to mind write up blog!

I travelled to Dublin on Thursday evening last in preparation for the presentation I had to make to the panel at National College of Ireland on Friday.  This was the final part of the Entrepreneurship module I had started there in September.  I had deliberated for weeks on what I would write the requisite Business Plan on, and in the end decided I should do it on Pigs and Pork and how we could develop a Pork Business here.  I think the presentation went well and I got lots of great suggestions as to the direction that we should consider for the enterprise…. thank you to the members of the panel!  So this week I will be doing some more research and checking out some of the websites they told me about.

After the presentation, I drove back down home …. and then had to head back to Dublin on Saturday morning with pork deliveries.  I had hoped that the butcher would have had meat ready for collection on Wednesday evening prior to my trip to Dublin, but unfortunately it was Saturday morning when it was ready.  So once boxes were sorted, it was back into the car and off to Dublin with me again.

Farmer Alfie could not do the run to Dublin as he was busy trying to finish off renovations to the livingroom in preparation for visitors coming for Christmas, and he was also the Stagehand for the Lorrha Amateur Dramatics group who had their annual play on over the weekend.

However, it was a good trip – five deliveries to be made and all to new customers. That has to be good.  It is especially good, as when we add in the local deliveries as well, we’ve once again been left with no pork for ourselves!  Needless, to say, Farmer Alfie is quite disgusted that we have none left for ourselves – he is going to have to wait until after Christmas now for pork!  At least we have some of our own ham for Christmas dinner….. at the moment anyway!

By the way, the turkeys are putting on a nice bit of weight!  So they should be good by next week!

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