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We had a blast of sunshine last week.  We are back to wintery weather again sadly!

However, when we had that lovely sunshine I was inspired to prep something nice and tasty for lunch…. and thought of Lily of My Mexican Shop’s delicious Huevos Rancheros…. folks she makes the best Huevos Rancheros.

Not having tomatillos in the house – here’s what developed.

And we got to enjoy it sitting in the sunshine outside

Poached eggs with Mango Salsa

Poached eggs with Mango Salsa


  • 1 mango, peeled and cubed
  • 1/2 red onion, finely sliced
  • 6 cherry tomatoes, quartered
  • 1/2 green chilli, finely sliced
  • Juice of 1/2 lime


Couldn’t be simpler….. mix them all together.

You could serve with fried or poached eggs – our preference is always going to be poached eggs.

Enjoy 🙂

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Well I can finally reveal all that big secret from way back in July…. the tv show aired last night.

I can tell you it is not a pleasant experience watching yourself on tv, but I got through it… it is at about 14 minutes.

So how did it all come about?

Good friends Zack and Wendy have set up Irish Food Tours – bringing Irish people and overseas visitors around to visit the wonderful food producers that are scattered all over this island.

John and Francis Brennan of ‘At Your Service’ fame heard about Irish Food Tours and asked if Zack and Wendy would bring a group along to Cloughjordan Eco Village for the purpose of the programme.

Living just a few miles from Cloughjordan…. Alfie and I were asked if we would volunteer to be ‘tourists’, and as it happened Lily (My Mexican Shop), Alan (Red Curtain Review) and Daili (From the Darkroom) were also staying with us…. so of course it was brilliant to bring them along…. genuine Mexican tourists (or at least 2 anyway).

With all these bloggers and twitterers (is that a word) on the show…. twitter was alive during the show last night!

It was John Brennan who was there for our visit – easily known he is the numbers man!!!  He instantly gave us the breakdown for the show…. they take 96 x 15 second snaps for a 24 minute show.  Go on… try it…. the figures do add up! I checked!  We were there for over two hours for the little segment that was shown!

When you watch the programme…. you will have no idea of how many times we walked up and down pathways, got on and off the bus!  And poor Pa, from Django’s Hostel, had to repeat his story so many times as the crew decided it would be better if he stood in a different spot or that the wind had interfered with the sound quality.



Nor will you know that our time there was interspersed with torrential downpours where we had to scurry to the polytunnels for shelter, or that we couldn’t be seen with umbrellas as we hadn’t gotten off the bus with umbrellas.

Harvest from the polytunnel

Harvest from the polytunnel

Attention to detail is everything.

However, to me the best part was that as we were being shown the large vegetable field…. a man (who I now know was Pat) came across the field with a wheelbarrow laden with marrows.  Pat was a natural… started posing immediately for his audience of ‘tourists’ with their cameras, and then launched into detail of the varieties of marrow, getting everyone to taste them.

Pat... the natural :)

Pat… the natural 🙂

This was all unscheduled and spontaneous!  As we walked away Wendy and I said that that was just such perfect tv!  We are going to have a new career as TV producers…. we were so right :).

Once the serious stuff was over Zack could not resist….

Zack - he couldn't resist!

Zack – he couldn’t resist!

It was then time for a cup of tea!


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Where is 2012 going?

June was hectic here in Redwood…. and July has been even busier!

And as for summer?  What is that?  We’ve had more rain than you could even imagine!  We had had a silly plan to build a duck pond this year!  Silly us!  No need to even to worry the lawn has stayed flooded and the ducks are extremely happy.

What have we been up to this month….

Well we had another 6 enthusiastic pig people here at the beginning of the month for the pig rearing course.

One participant flew in from Portugal….. which spawned a whole new idea…. how’s about house swaps among pig breeders?  Well why not?  We could easily go to Portugal and mind some pigs…. and they could have a lovely holiday here while minding our guys?  A great idea 🙂

We had the lovely Daili come and stay with us for a week… and we convinced her to start her own blog 🙂

We had Mr. and Mrs. Katzwizkaz come and stay and Mr. Katzwizkaz was a wizz at helping Alfie out with fixing up new fencing.  Thank you so much!

We spent a weekend in Dublin for my aunt’s 80th birthday.  Thank you to my sister and her 3 friends who ‘house-swapped’ with us… the four city girls came and looked after the menagerie here while we minded her cat and dogs!!!


While in Dublin we got to spend time at the Honest 2 Goodness market in Glasnevin – a great place to hang out and chat to all the traders – we were there for hours.  Too busy chatting to take photos!  We had a quick visit to Ikea.  The celebrations were held at Roly’s – our first time there – and very nice it was too! (No recession going on in either Roly’s or Ikea I can tell you!)

Alan and Lily from My Mexican Shop came for a quick visit to get their staycation off to a good start.

My cousin came for a few nights….

And in between times we harvested, weeded, made butter, jams and brownies, and I went back to work with my old boss for a couple of weeks…..

I need a holiday!!!!!!!!!!

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If you’ve been to the Honest to Goodness Market you may well have met the lovely Daili who helps out in the Cafe on a Saturday and on the My Mexican Shop  stall on Wednesdays.

Daili came to Ireland last August from Mexico to spend some time here in this country with her Aunt Lily and to study English.

Daili checking out another photo opportunity!

We’ve become more fond of Daili each time we’ve met and were delighted recently when she asked if she could come and stay with us for a while.

Daili came and spent a week with us here in Redwood helping out about the place. We cooked, she cooked, she washed-up, we picked fruit, she topped and tailed (a job I hate!), we made jams, she painted furniture, she tried to teach me how to whistle!!!, and we tried to explain the vagaries of English grammar!!!

I can recommend her as an able assistant with a lovely smile and attitude…. even tho I often called her my ‘slave’!

What I really wanted to share with you about Daili is her wonderful eye with the camera.  Remember this photo?  It was taken by Daili and used a couple of weeks back as my Friday Foto.

We convinced her to start a photography blog and check this out…. no training, just a natural ‘eye’.

She has set herself the task of taking and uploading a photo a day…. I reckon she will grow and grow with each day’s photography! Go on take a look… and maybe even start to follow her! 🙂

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The past few weeks have been so so hectic here.  And you know when you stop to think what have I been doing?  And you can’t figure out what has kept you so busy?  It’s been that kind of time.

Separate posts will come along eventually about what we have been up to… but these busy times have been interspersed with lovely visits and treats from friends.  Which, of course, makes it all worthwhile!

Thank you guys…. you are appreciated! 🙂

My brother and his family brought us this..

Confit de Canard

Confit de Canard from my brother

Lily and Alan from My Mexican Shop brought us these…..

Tortillas, chocolate, and salsa

A selection of lovely treats from My Mexican Shop

Colette and John brought us this delicious honey….

Lannliere Honey

Delicious honey from John & Colette

Some food for the soul from Lisa and her parents…

A bouquet of lilac

A beautiful bouquet o fresh lilac

Some home-made mustard and jam from Alfie’s aunt and cousin…

Sundried tomato mustard and rhubarb jam

Sundried tomato mustard and rhubarb jam

David for cookandhisdogeatireland sent Alfie home with these

Garden Kitchen Mustard & Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil

Garden Kitchen Mustard & Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil

And yesterday when Mona & The Chef (with kids) were here, they brought us these….

Fresh Yeast and Mexican Wedding Cookies

Fresh Yeast and Mexican Wedding Cookies

So we have such a variety of lovely things in our pantry!

Thank you one and all!

What’s not to love about getting presents????

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