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We’ve had snow this week… and lots of people on Instagram loved this photo so thought I’d share…. not it has not been taken in black and white 🙂

footprints in the snow

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When you are sitting in your first floor study, and someone comes knocking on the window!!!

Milk Chocolate Muscovy

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If you follow along on our Facebook or Instagram accounts, you will know that Mollie (or Muscovy Hen) had her babies last Tuesday.

I predicted then that I would be spending a lot of time just watching and admiring them…. and I have. 🙂

She had 17 babies, each as cute and adorable as the next.

The routine for the first few days was much the same as it would be for any babies….. sleep, eat, have a wash, and sleep again.

On Thursday last all babies were taken over to the pond in the field next door to us.  Guys, you should have seen me!  Talk about a clucking hen!  These little things are tiny.

Ducklings first swim

Ducklings first swim

There are cattle in the field!  What if the cattle decided to have a nosey and see what was going on?  I spent the entire time fretting at the fence until they all arrived home safely.

These guys have to be the most photographed ducklings ever!

We’ve had AirBnB guests during the week who couldn’t resist photographing them either.  And our friend, Daili Perez, was here and took some amazing photographs and this video…. you are going to be totally smitten by them too!  I’m telling you anyone who meets them falls so in love 🙂

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Friday Photo

This week, we have MAJOR cuteness overload….. we have baby ducks 🙂

Mollie & Babies

Mollie and her 11 babies

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