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As the crow flies Meelick is only a few miles from us…. but that River Shannon gets in the way (unless you fancy crossing the river by boat), so it takes us about half an hour or so to get there.

Last Saturday, the sun shone, the skies were blue and Spring was in the air, so we went on a mission to bring you some photos of Meelick.

Although I don’t really like boats, in fact if truth be told, I hate them…. I have enjoyed some boating trips on the Shannon, so it was interesting to go the land route and visit sites I had only ever seen from the river.

We stopped at Meelick Weir which is reputedly a great spot for salmon fishing… and I’ve also seen crazy people in canoes going through their paces there!

Meelick Weir

Then it was on to along tiny by-roads, mostly only one car wide, to Meelick Village.  A tiny hamlet rather than a village with a few houses on the way up to the church.  It must have been a busy enough place at one time… you could make out which house was the shop and which one was the pub.  Sad to see villages like this all closed up.

The Medieval St. Francis church was built in 1414 with Papal Permission – and is still in use today.  It is a hugely popular destination for weddings – and you can see why.

Church Stone

The church sitting proudly overlooking the village originally formed part of a Franciscan Abbey.  Meelick Church

However, there are no residents there now but the church and its grounds are still beautifully maintained.  Look at that lawn!

Parish House

We had a quiet wander inside the church.  The light was kind of surreal and eerie all at the same time.Eerie Light on Church altar

As I left the church I spotted this on the notice board.  The church may be medieval but hey how’s about this for moving with the times – QR code and all! 🙂

Church notice with QR code

If you are around the East Galway area, you should definitely take a little detour to Meelick – bring a picnic lunch and sit and watch the world pass by on the river.

I had to share this final photo with you.  Spotted on the ground around the back of the church on a cold bright day in April.  It was real, with a long stem and just slightly wilted.  I wonder what the story is to this? Had it just fallen there?  Had someone dumped it there?

Pink Rose

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