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This month the theme for the Irish Foodies Cookalong was chocolate.  So here’s the deal I’m not much of a chocolate fan! My weakness is cheese!  Every 6 months or so I get a craving for chocolate which is easily dealt with by a square or two of chocolate – that’s it craving sorted for another 6 months!

So how to do a Chocolate Cookalong?

I came up with a devious plan!

We needed to do some pork deliveries in Limerick and Ennis – so why not incorporate a visit to Chocolate Queen herself …. Gillian at ChocolateHere!  And that’s what we did!

Blackboard signage

Last Friday, which was the start of the slightly warmer dry weather we got to visit Ennis Market where Chocolate Here can be found every Friday from 8 am to 2 pm (or at the Milk Market on Saturdays and Sundays).  What a lovely market Ennis is too!

Gillian at her stall

Look at all this delicious chocolate … even I recognise it as delicious 🙂

Chocolate bars

More chocolate

Chocolate Lollipops

Who could resist these?

Ready to go drinking chocolate

Brought some of this home to share with my nieces and nephew this weekend.

A different slant pm Easter Eggs!

This and some chilli chocolate bars are for the grown ups over Easter.

It was a while since I’d been to Ennis but there certainly was a buzz about town…. no indication of any recession!

We stayed and chatted (between customers) with Gillian for an hour.  Bought some lovely St. Tola cheese from another marketeer.  On Gillian’s recommendation went to the Gourmet Store for lunch (yummy) and what an Aladdin’s cave of foodie things.

Ennis Gourmet Store

Shelves and shelves of lovely goodies!

Where to start?

Even more lollipops!

Then it was a stop at Rene Cusack’s shop for some fresh fish (something that is hard to come by in Tipperary).

And finally, coming over the Clare hills on the way home we stopped and ‘harvested’ some gorse petals.

Gorse bushA very good day out!

And we’ve had a week long feasting since!

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