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A Mixed Week

TGIF…. and all that…. it’s been a very mixed week…

City dwellers – certainly our friends who are city dwellers do seem to think that country life can be very boring when in fact it can be quite the opposite.  I think it was Tuesday morning that I got up thinking today is the day that I am going to start tackling that Business Plan that I have to have completed for my college assignment by 18th November…. well, no such luck!  And I am not complaining  – but three different sets of neighbours called in… and here in the country that means everything stops, pot of tea (and if you’re lucky biscuit or cake) and an hour later you get back to what you were doing!

So now I’m not working I have to add baking to my list of jobs for the week!  Thankfully, last weekend Bernadette had brought one of her fabulous Dundee Cakes (I hadn’t had one in years and years, and they still are the best) so that kept us going with the cup of tea this week.  I know Michael O’Leary thinks as a nation we are all mad with regard to the CUP OF TEA… but you know what I bet in his kitchen in Mullingar if a neighbour calls in it is a cup of tea that they get!!!!

So then all my good intentions ended up being shifted through to Wednesday as a new day!  It started off well  and I did feel all virtuous when I even managed to start some spring cleaning!  I know it’s Autumn and I’m doing Spring cleaning but why conform?  I got stuck in and made some Apple & Mint Jelly which so far looks good, but we have to leave it alone for a couple of weeks before I really know.

Thursday started with having to take Alfie to the doctor – he’s sprained his knee, and as anyone who knows him knows – he is definitely not a good patient.  So now added to my tasks this week has been driving Alfie about… oh, no, of course he doesn’t need anyone to drive him!!!! You should see him struggle to get in or out of the car, but no he doesn’t need anyone to drive him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here we are at Friday…. I did manage to get emails out to friends, family and other contacts about the pork which we will have week after next and the response has been really good.  We’ve been talking to a new butcher about different packaging etc. so that’s exciting.  I’ve done absolutely nothing about making a start on the Business Plan for the pig business which I need to have completed by 18th November – I did go so far as to sit at the computer with the sole intention of getting started, but I wrote some awful drivel!!!!  Maybe I should sit down with a glass of wine and then it might come to me!

I’ve had another brainy idea about a business start-up which when I think it through further I will explain.

I’ve also had some fun this week doing the LinkedIn thing… managed to link up with a client from way back which was fun.  LinkedIn is great in that respect, although I’m absolutely convinced that lots of my clients of old must be retired cos I can’t find them on any of the networks.  However it was nice to catch-up via email with Jim who had returned to US years back, especially when he told me that his son who I remember making his Holy Communion is now a Dad himself to a 5 year old!!!

Busy weekend ahead with visitors arriving tomorrow and I think Monday…. more updates soon!

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