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In the past 6 months I’ve been approached by many different agencies and companies asking me to review this or that.

To be honest the requests have at times been a bit bizarre to say the least!  Do the people in the PR companies actually read the blog before they send out the requests?  I don’t think so.

I’ve politely declined the requests.  And trust me there have been a couple of times where politeness was difficult – the requests were just that daft!

So a word to PR companies and agencies.  Yes, we will review stuff – but only, and I stress ONLY, if it is a product that we have used, or could use here in Redwood.  Do give us a call if you’d like us to review the latest gadget for small-holding, fencing, gardening or pig keeping.

Or if you’ve got an all singing and dancing new kitchen thing that will make life easier for everyone.

We will give you an honest opinion.

Find someone else if it’s to do with casinos and gambling 🙂

One request that did come in recently was to share this amazing infographic (just click on the image below) from LearnStuff.com and as it is something we care about here at Oldfarm, we decided to share it with you.  Take a look at their site, there are some useful bits of information over there…. I reckon they’re going to have to review the urban myth about ‘Grade D Meat‘ though 🙂

Climate Change Infographic

Climate Change Infographic

Doesn’t it make interesting reading?

I could go on about how climate change is affecting all of us but I’m not going to lecture. Take a look at how our lawn has looked for the past 18 months – we had planned on building a pond for the ducks, but there was no need to.

There has been no need to build a pond for ducks.

There has been no need to build a pond for ducks.


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