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I’ve written here before about our delivery runs.  And, yes, we are still travelling all over the country with pork deliveries.

I recently drew the straw to do a run to Cork and Kerry.  It was a long drive, but an enjoyable one all the same.

Sometimes I just love being in the car on my own…. listening to the music I like and ‘singing’ along at the top of my voice too!  Not something you’d do with company 🙂

I’ve said before that we do the delivery runs ourselves so that we get to meet our customers.  However, we also get to see lots of this beautiful country of ours.  The disadvantage, however, when you are doing the deliveries is that you don’t have time to stop and admire.  You are constantly aware of time to deliver and the meat in the car.

Some of the highlights of my trip to Cork and Kerry – besides the wonderful scenery.  Mind you I am not sure allowing Mrs. SatNav to guide me was my wisest decision – she seemed to take me a very peculiar route!

  • Sometimes you come across place names that you just cannot figure out how to pronounce them, or what the origin of the name is…. there’s a place called Bweeng – so how’s that pronounced?
  • I know I was aware that there was a Gaeltacht area in West Cork, but I actually drove through it this time around.
  • I spotted some Zwartbles sheep on a hillside somewhere along the way – thought Suzanna over at Zwartbles Ireland would be proud to know that because of her I can now recognise them 🙂
  • I spotted Mannings Emporium which I only know via twitter!!!
  • You can’t imagine my excitement when I spotted Future Forests!  I have read so many articles about them…. and yes, it does look just like this.  Oh, how I wished I could have stopped for a couple of hours browsing.
  • And then…. who knew… did you know such a business existed?  Imagine somewhere on a tiny road in Cork or Kerry there is a toy soldier manufacturer!  I am impressed.
    Toy Soldier Manufacturer

This country of ours is truly amazing…. the scenery, the people, the ideas!

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