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I guess we should say thank you to the gods for the 2 days of summer we had this week?  For those not living in Ireland we’ve had the wettest, windiest summer ever!  The last time we had a couple of days of good sunshine was way back in March.

We’ve missed you sun.  It was lovely to have you around even if it was only for a couple of days!

Thank you too to all the Irish Olympians!  Didn’t they do well?  I am not a huge athletics or boxing fan, but I became engrossed in it this year.  I watched, or listened to most of the Irish competitors.  So thank you to one and all but particularly to the medal winners – Katie Taylor, Paddy Barnes, Michael Conlon, John Joe Nevin and Cian O’Connor… you gave us all so much to cheer about! 🙂  And then, of course, there is Rory McIlroy’s win!

What great young people are out there!

Thank you to friends, family and neighbours who’ve come on long or short visits this summer and have been roped into helping out about the place!  It is appreciated!

And finally, major, major thank you to whoever nominated my blog in the Irish Blog Awards!  Tis a big long list, and there will be a short-list.  It doesn’t matter if I get no further.  The blog is on a LIST!!!

When I started writing I wasn’t sure if anyone would read it!  Despite the statistics telling you how many visitors you’ve had…. it is still somewhat of a shock to think complete strangers are reading what you write.  I’ve had people stop me in the supermarket to say they’ve been reading it (to you I say… I’d love if you’d put up a little comment!  Just so I know you are there! 🙂

Being nominated for the awards – now that really makes it all worthwhile!  Thank you so much to who ever went to the effort.

So life is generally quite good…. I hope you’ve been enjoying your summer wherever you are.  And with a bit of luck maybe we will get another dose of sunshine again before winter!!!!!

Fingers crossed…

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