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I know, Auntie Laura, I know you are cross with me for not writing for so long.  To be honest there hasn’t been a whole lot to write about.

The weather has been dreadful.  I’ve had the two girls with me, and with them squabbling and jumping the fence and annoying the farmer that’s been about the highlight of life around here.

However….. the past couple of weeks have been so busy.

I’ve had more babies!  11 to be exact.  Just yesterday.  They’re very handsome and so so cute… but then with me as their Mum and their Dad – Polonius – is a bit ‘hot’ too.  So these guys are going to be very very handsome.  I will send you a photo soon.

Pinky & Polonius with family

Pinky & Polonius with family

Pinky had 8 babies last week….. all black and white, except for one girl who is just the image of her Mum.


I suppose the biggest news of all around here is that Perky is now on the twitter machine.  She is so bossy that one.  And she never stops gloating about being on twitter.  It’s easy for her to be tweeting.  Her brood are nearly all grown up now.  Sure she’s nothing to do all day!  She wouldn’t have been so free and easy with her tweets when her lot were younger.

I heard the farmer say that 3 of her brood were a bit small so he’s moved them into a shed on their own.  They’ve perked up a lot since the move.

Three Musketeers

Three Musketeers

The seven dwarfs (they’re Gloucester Oldspots like me) are still living with Perky… I am looking forward to them moving over to the wood to live with me.  (Could you imagine the beautiful babies we could have?)

Seven dwarfs

Seven dwarfs

So, Auntie Laura, we now have 44 pigs living here on the farm.  That’s keeping the farmer busy.

The babies are sleeping now, so I had a bit of time.  I’ll take some photos later and send them on to you.

All my love.




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Dear Auntie Laura (4)

Auntie Laura,

This is just a quick postcard really.  I’m on a little holiday – I think humans called it a ‘mini-break’!

Tis lovely to be away from the children for a little while – why am I calling them children when they’re almost fully grown???

Anyway, I am here visiting Polonius.  He’s the boar here at Oldfarm.  He’s handsome in a dark, broody type of way – don’t you think?

Will write more later!



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Dear Auntie Laura (3)

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me, Auntie Laura!  I’ve been so busy here, I’ve just not had time to write to you.

My eleven babies have all grown well and are all fine strong pigs now.  The first few months are always the worst with babies, but now at least they are reaching the age when they can fend for themselves…. and I will hopefully have some peace.

Piglets at water trough

Where do I start to fill you in on what’s been happening here?

Since your visit I don’t think we’ve had a single day when it hasn’t rained.  Can you imagine what my house was like?  Me, the 2 bachelors and 11 babies in one house! Oh lord, the mud!

I had to get the humans to move our house one weekend, the garden was destroyed and there was mud everywhere.  Trying to keep the place clean was impossible!  The new garden is nice and a lot drier too!

The two bachelors moved out a couple of weeks ago.  That was a relief I can tell you.  They were really terribly untidy.  I’m not sure where they’ve gone off to … I heard mention of pig pastures in the sky… but I’m not fully sure what that means.  I am just relieved to have them gone out of the house.

Then just last week, four of my girls moved to Limerick.  They were four fine girls and I know they’ll enjoy living in Limerick.  The family that came to get them had two very small humans who seemed to be very excited to see the girls.  Can you imagine the girls got to travel to Limerick in the back of a jeep – not in a trailer! In the back of the jeep!  I hope they behaved and didn’t make a mess!

All this moving about means that we’ve plenty of space in the house now, which of course has meant I also have time to write to you.

But guess what happens, now that I have a bit of space …. the hens have decided to come on a daily visit!

Have I told you about our neighbours here? We have dogs, cats, hens, ducks, other pigs, and the goats!

Did you meet the goats when you visited?

We have 2 goats living in the paddock next door – Mars and Snickers.

At first we all that it would be fun to have them living next door.  However, I’ve changed my mind!  They are the moaniest pair ever!  I mean I don’t like the rain, but what can we do, we just have to get on with it and make the most of when the weather is dry.  Mars and Snickers all they do is bla bla bla bla the minute the rain starts.  It would drive you demented!  I often pretend I don’t see them at the fence when they come to talk!

Oh no! It has started to rain again, so the gang have all come back indoors! I’d better finish off now.

They send you their love too!



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Oh Auntie Laura I am so so excited!

My humans thought I was very peculiar when I said I wanted to write to you.  They didn’t think you’d want to hear about my babies… but I just had a feeling you would!

And now you’ve written back to me!

You must be the kindest human in the world!  I want the whole world to see your letter to me!

And you’ve been on a plane – wow!  I’ve never seen one of those things, I’ve heard the noise the make alright, but did you know that a pig can squeal louder than a plane?  Isn’t that something?  I can give you a demonstration when you visit.

And you’ve thought of names for my babies!  I think I like the sound of this Beatrix Potter human, she must have been very clever.


I’ve had a brilliant idea!

You are coming to visit which has me jumping about with excitement (but I have to conceal it from the babies).  You know what children are like if you tell them something… I’d never hear the end of it… “is she here yet?”…. “how many more sleeps?” …. they would surely drive me crazy!

My brilliant idea is that when you visit we can sit down together and decide who shall be named what!  Would you like to do that?

Is the end of June a long way away?  Do you live far away?

I am so looking forward to finally meeting you!  Maybe you will send me a photograph of you, but I know you will be different from other humans and I will know you instantly.

By the way I am not sure about this Matt human… pigletnap indeed! I shall be keeping a close watch on him!

lots of hugs and kisses,


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This week has been an extremely busy one with so much going on…. but I had to share the big event of the week…. Jemima has had babies.

stripy, spotty and hairy baby pigs!

Watch a video of them taken this evening here 🙂


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