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2014 has started off with such a bang!

Look what has happened!  Quite out of the blue, not an inkling that it was going to happen….. just bang, the email arrived yesterday morning.

Best Blog Award Ever!

Best Blog Award Ever!

To have my blog named as best blog by a fellow blogger is one thing, and by a fellow blogger who has achieved so much, is just magic!  Regula’s work has been featured by The Cheese Mag, Jamie Magazine, Saveur, Pretty Nostalgic Magazine, Huffingtonpost Taste, Harrods, Great British Chefs and The Foodie Bugle magazine…. just major, major wow!

Regula and I have chatted on line – about food (naturally), about raising pigs, about photography.  She has kindly even allowed me to use one of her photographs in our course handouts to demonstrate how to weigh a pig with a piece of string from when she did a pig-rearing course herself.

I absolutely adore her blog and her photography….. it is something for me to aspire to… oh how I would love to take photographs like Regula’s.

So can you imagine my excitement, the feeling of such honour to have someone you admire, choose your blog as their favourite and to see all this in print in such a wonderful food magazine?  I am still reeling!  My blog is mentioned in the Fine Food Digest (page 53)….. can anything else in 2014 bring about such excitement?

Thank you so so much Regula.

Thank you, thank you so much, Regula….. you have made me very happy 🙂

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