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Regular readers here will know that we’ve spent a lot of time walking the bog recently in search of Harry – without any luck I have to say.

For those who’ve never been to a bog, our Irish boglands are very special. The peat bogs make up 5% of this island of ours.  Peat is made up of the partially decomposed remains of dead plants. As these plants decay a layer of ‘bog’ is formed.  The process takes hundreds of years.

The bogs are home to many rare plants and animals.

Here in Redwood we are surrounded by a few different bogs, the biggest being Redwood bog.  While bogs in one sense are a little bleak and eerie, they do hold their own beauty.

Redwood Bog

In recent years, the harvesting of peat has been stopped or restricted in many raised bogs.  Harvesting, however, in our bogs still continues, with the major activity happening in June and July.

Boglands are special areas of conservation, with the Irish Peatland Conservation Council do amazing work in this area.  And we have been proud to assist them over the years.

The diversity of plantlife on the bog is amazing. The last day we walked the bog the gorse was in full bloom, the heather was just starting to bloom as were the bull rushes.

Imagine our horror when we saw this down on the trackway to the bog?


Someone (and I have to presume it is local) has been going down there and chopping trees for firewood, and also using the area as a general dump! What kind of people are out there?  They really have no respect at all.




To further incense me I read today that our newly formed government has decided that we don’t need a Department devoted to the Environment???  What kind of twats are they?

Does anyone at all care about our land?  It is not a finite source.  People are destroying it.

Do you care?  If so you might like to sign this petition to reverse the government decision to abolish the Dept. of the Environment.



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