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Irish Foodies Cookalongs have been running for the past 3 or 4 months and each month the spirits have conspired so that I have not been able to participate for one reason or another.  Thanks to Yvonne at Hey Pesto! I kind of cheated for the September cookalong – she did the cooking and we did the eating!

I was all set to join in the fun on October 1st which had been nominated ‘twootiefruity’  – the theme being autumnal fruits.  We would be tweeting and writing and eating and drinking all the fruits of autumn. Sounds good to me 🙂

The day started off really well – we had Apple and Cinnamon Muffins for breakfast. OK, I will admit that we had run out of bread and these were quicker to make!

Lunch was homegrown tomatoes on home-made bread.  All going well so far.

And during the afternoon I even got to make a couple of pots of raspberry jam with lovely golden raspberries.

Two pots of raspberry jam made with golden raspberries


The menu for dinner was simple but nice – roast pork with apple sauce.  Well what else would we be having, except roast pork :).  Farmer Alfie wanted to try dipping some of the raspberries in chocolate so he was on dessert duty.

Golden Raspberies with a few red raspberries

Disaster struck mid afternoon when I suddenly noticed I could not send any emails.  Then an hour later I couldn’t receive any emails. I could access the internet, but could not do anything.  And, of course, in between all the activity above, I was supposed to be doing some work.

Three hours of trying to figure out what the problem was got me nowhere, but we did have slightly over-cooked pork and I even managed to burn the apple sauce – who would have thought that was possible!  Believe me it is!

Dessert was lovely tho!  Alfie even tried adding the odd salt crystal to spice up the raspberries – nice in small quantities.

Chocolate coated raspberries on square white plate

Next cookalong is Friday, 5th November – the theme is winter warmers – here’s hoping I will be more successful!

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